Hunting Compound bows for Beginners

Hunting Compound bows for Beginners

Alright, so you or someone you know wants to get started in archery. What equipment do you actually need in a Hunting Compound bow for Beginners setup?

In almost every state in the country, hunters wait in anticipation for the most wonderful time of the year… deer season. While many more hunters chase whitetails with a firearm, those of us who go with the stick-and-string often have much longer seasons to work with. In fact, archery seasons in many states open as early as September and many stay open until January. The biggest trouble of the young enthusiastic hunters comes at the time of choosing a compound bow as they are unable to predict that what would suit them the best.Hunting Compound bows for Beginners


If you’ve been wanting to give archery ashot, it’s not too late. Here, we will let you know about the details for the choice of compound bow for the beginners and assure you that our research for your Hunting Compound for Beginners will definitely help you out in the field!


Hunting Compound bows for Beginners

Mostly, the beginners are highly concerned for the choice of a bow as this would lead to their success or failure further in the field.

There are many bows on the market specifically designed for the new (or younger) archer, here are several standouts:

v Diamond Infinite Edge

The Infinite Edge by Diamond Archery is a fantastic choice for new or young shooters. The draw length is adjustable from 13 inches all the way up to 30 inches, and the draw weight can be adjusted from five pounds to 70 pounds without the use of a bow press. Diamond Archery bows are all made by Bow tech, a company that’s near the top of the heap in the archery world. This bow can be purchased as a package that includes a sight, a full-capture rest, a quiver.It will be a good choice for a young hunter.


v ATROPOS-120 Archery

The quality of ATROPOS-120 Archery products has soared in recent years, and this is especially visible in their entry-level bows. While designed primarily for young archers, the  ATROPOS-120 represents a great value for adults as well. It offers 95% of the performance of the Diamond, at a significantly more wallet-friendly price point.


v PSE Stinger 3G

While the Stinger 3G from PSE doesn’t have quite the range of adjustments as the Bear or the Diamond (and costs a little more), its performance makes it perfect for the new archer who is serious about chasing whitetails. It isn’t the cheapest nor the most expensive bow from PSE, but the Stinger is probably the darling of the PSE lineup.

It’s available in three levels of draw weight adjustment; 30-50 pounds, 40-60 pounds or 50-70, and the draw length can be adjusted from 30.5 inches all the way down to 25.5 inches without a bow press. It’s fast, forgiving, quiet, extremely accurate, only Even after several years of owning and shooting it, people never been disappointed with the Stinger’s performance. The Stinger 3G is available as a package that includes sight, a Whisker Biscuit rest, a stabilizer (not include with the other bows), a quiver, a peep sight, a string loop, and a PSE neoprene sling. This is one of the highly recommended Hunting Compound for bow Beginners, especially for beginners.You would definitely get the super perks of young archery but its grace!

v Things to Look Out for:

 Since you now know where to get what you want, you need to know the things to look out for in an ideal compound bow. What do you want your bow to have? While there are lots of things to add to your bow, it would be good to focus on the most important, which are accuracy, possible power, and quietness. Also, you may consider the camouflage feature as well.

You need a bow that suits you properly in terms of your shooting needs such as strength. This is what will make you maximize the kinetic energy that your arrow requires to produce the desired force and effect.

While some people think energy store in the bow’s string The truth is that the energy produced when you draw your bow is stored n the limbs. The string actually, is just an avenue of transmitting energy to your arrow from the limbs. If you transfer great energy to your arrow, it will become heavier, thereby imparting more kinetic energy onto your target. It’s that simple.

  • Accuracy

If you have a bow with all the power in the world but cannot aim accurately, it is just a waste of time. Great sights, ideal form, some quality arrow rests and a correctly set bow are some of the properties that depict accuracy.

While others can be bought, a proper form is learned in time. Buy top grade three-pin sight (e.g. brands like Tru-Glo, Cobra, Apex, as well as Sword) and innovative arrow rest (e.g. the Trophy Ridge). Then, get your local archery shop to set it up to meet your shooting needs.

  • Silence

Arrows do not fly in a fast manner. The fastest archery tool (bow) is much slower compared to a gun considered to be the slowest. Your quarry, therefore, may be able to hear the sound of your shooting prior to the arrow getting to them. If you intend to hunt, therefore, ensure that your vibration reduction and sound inhibition are on point.

Buy a great stabilizer bar, limb dampeners, and string silencers. You will find lots of them in the market and in different price ranges.

  • Camouflage

This is not so much of an issue as you can find a wide range of varieties in the market, and will be able to choose 1-2 good ones that would match the bow of your choice.

  • User’s opinion
  • Ajw 91
  • Purchase LocationOnline
  • 4 out of 5 stars.

·       Great for beginners

A very simple tool to teach basics. Ambidextrous and adjustable settings give it a lot of flexibility.

 Yes, I recommend this product.

v LegolasDad

  • Purchase LocationOnline
  • 4 out of 5 stars.
  • All we expected it to be

Bought this for our 10-year-old son. He has been able to gain some skill with it, shooting better than his dad. The arrows it comes with are of good quality and have rounded tips to prevent injury/damage. Instructions from the manufacturer are a bit dodgy (mostly unclear how to adjust the pull). Sight is nice, but not of real use yet.  keeps the arrow in line for first-time archers, thereby giving them confidence. We shopped online, and bought in store…was hipped to our home for free.

 Yes, I recommend this product.

  • .A.Q.

When new shooters look for bows, they have many options to consider. Hunting Compound bow for Beginners complicated tools because of their draw lengths, draw weights, and other features. A beginner’s bow should not be as big or as powerful as the bow a veteran hunter would use, simply because the bigger bows require more skill to master. Here, we have discussed the general questions of the beginners. We assure you that your problems regarding bow will vanish soon!

ü What is the Ideal Draw Length for a Beginner Compound Bow?

Young hunters can get turned off to shooting if their bows do not fit them. So the ideal draw length is important. The ideal draw length for beginning hunters all depends on the size of the hunter. The best way to determine the ideal draw length is by using the wingspan method. To measure draw length, it is best to stretch arms in a T-shape, then measure from the longest fingertip to the longest fingertip. Draw lengths should be based on the measurement. For someone with a 61-inch wingspan, the perfect draw length is 23 inches. For every increase in inches in wingspan, the draw length should increase by a half of an inch. So a person with a 65-inch wingspan would need a 25-inch draw length. It is often helpful to buy a beginner’s bow with an adjustable draw length because children grow so quickly.

ü What is the Ideal Draw Weight for a Beginner Compound Bow?

When selecting draw weight, the rule of thumb is to go with 75% of the archer’s strength. Since beginners are new to hunting, they often have no idea where to start with the draw weight. If a bow is too heavy, the archer will become tired too quickly, and will not be able to enjoy a full day or weekend of shooting. So that young hunter can enjoy shooting, the lighter draw weight is a good choice, even if the draw weight does not send the bow with outrageous power. Eventually, the young hunter will become stronger and will appreciate the power that a heavier draw weight delivers.

When choosing the draw weight, it is best to consider the frame and strength of the beginner. A child who weighs less than 70 pounds does not need anything bigger than a 15-pound draw weight. A child between 70 and 100 pounds will enjoy a Hunting Compound bow for Beginners that has no more than 25 pounds of the draw. A 100- to a 130-pound child could use up to 35 pounds of the draw, and the same goes for a woman of the same frame. As the person increases by 30 pounds, the draw weight should only go up 5 pounds. A large man does not need anything higher than a 75- to 80-pound draw weight.

ü What Bow Length Does a Beginner Need?

The length of the bow is another important feature that new shooters should consider. This is different from draw length, and the size of the bow should be based on the size of the child. The size of the bow does not necessarily need to be based on the height of the child, but on what the child can comfortably handle. So the best way to choose the length of the bow is to bring the new hunter to the outfitter and let the rookie tryout different lengths.

Many experts like bows that are longer, rather than shorter. To determine the bow length, measure the distance between the axles. Most are between 30 and 32 inches. A good outfitter will be able to find the perfect model for the size of the rookie. Without a properly sized bow, the hunter will not want to shoot, because it will be uncomfortable. No one wants to waste money on a bow that will never be used.


With too many choices that will confront you for the best compound bows, it can be challenging to pick which one is the best. Price alone should never be a sufficient reason to pick one product over the other. All the keys that we offered you while making a choice of a bow should be kept in mind. At the end of the day, keep in mind that it is still your personal preferences and individual needs that will matter. After reading the entire article, we are very sure that a choice of the Hunting Compound bow for Beginners for the new bees will not be a hurdle anymore.


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