10 Best Carbon Arrows for Hunting (2019 Reviews)


Shooting the ideal arrows is crucial to your success as a bow hunter. The ideal carbon arrows for searching perform better, have high levels of precision, and therefore are more reliable, with the outcome of you being more powerful in the area. For this guide, we will assume you already know the basics of hunting arrows, and which you’ve determined your own appropriate arrow length. The question now becomes which sort of arrow is ideal for you.

Quick Picks: Best Hunting Arrows

  1. Carbon Exp. Maxima Hunter
  2. Cabela’s Stalker Extreme
  3. Carbon Exp. Maxima Red
  4. Easton Full Metal Jacket
  5. Carbon Exp. Maxima Blu RZ
  6. Cabela’s Carbon Hunter
  7. Easton Aftermath
  8. Gold Tip Hunter Pro
  9. Gold Tip Hunter XT
  10. Easton Bloodline

Is Carbon the Ideal Type of Shaft?

  • Wood — For thousands of years people have taken wood shafted arrows, but unless you’re a conventional longbow hunter or modern caveman, you won’t be using wood shafted arrows. They’re thicker, slower, and are more difficult to create within the tight tolerances that searching with a compound bow needs.
  • Aluminum — For quite a long time, aluminum has been the arrow shaft of choice to bow hunting. Aluminum is lightweight, inexpensive, powerful, and can be machine or ground to exact tolerances. The weight of an aluminum arrow will always be thicker than a carbon arrow with an equal backbone. With today’s high-speed bows, some hunters prefer the aluminum shafts to move the bow’s energy with more efficacy.
  • Carbon — Arrows came onto the hunting scene in the 1990s and have gained in popularity steadily ever since, to the point where the huge majority of today’s bowhunters use carbon shafted arrows. Carbon arrows are lighter and maintain tighter tolerances than aluminum arrows, leading to higher speeds, higher accuracy, and greater penetration.

10 Best Carbon Arrows for Hunting (2018 Reviews)

Top 10 Carbon Hunting Arrows Replies

This is a comparison chart of our Top 10 carbon arrow options. “Our Score” is a mixture of our expertise using aggregated user scores from a number of different retailers.

Carbon Hunting Arrow Reviews

Carbon arrows are undoubtedly the most popular sort of arrows in use now. The top arrows advertise to get straightness tolerances from 0.001 to 0.006 inches, and obviously the straighter the arrows the more expensive they’ll be. Manufacturers carefully measure each arrow as they come off the production line, and are then split into classes according to their straightness.   Arrows categorize by this straightness, with superior arrows falling in the 0.001-0.002″ range, mid size arrows are going to be within 0.003-0.004″, and regular carbon arrows at 0.005-0.006″.

 Carbon Express Maxima Hunter

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The Maxima Hunter is among the quickest and most accurate camo hunting arrows created by Carbon Express. This is good news for hunters who wish to carry arrow and exude more catastrophic impacts in their target at longer ranges. Maxima Hunter arrows are endowed with the proprietary double spine construction known as “weight-forward” technology. The front of the arrow is thicker than the trunk, which is intended to lead to tighter groupings. I love the looks of those arrows. They’ve a durable Mossy Oak finish over 2/3rds of the shaft, and two” bright red Blazer vanes which make them seem like a pretty badass arrow. The Maxima Hunter earns our recommendation as the best hunting arrow for the cost.

Cabela’s Stalker Extreme

10 Best Carbon Arrows for Hunting (2018 Reviews)

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The Stalker Extreme’s are extremely popular with bowhunters. They’re made for Cabela’s by Easton, and quite similar in specs and functionality to the Beman ICS Hunter arrows. The Stalker Extreme’s are construct with Blazer vanes and if you prefer to use light nocks, select size S. The nocks can be flipped with a tool to personalize to your liking. All you’ve got to do is cut to length, true the finish, and paste in the inserts. To get a .003 arrow shaft, these are really excellent arrows for the purchase price.

Carbon Express Maxima Red

10 Best Carbon Arrows for Hunting (2018 Reviews)

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The Maxima Red carbon arrows are among the greatest hunting arrows in Carbon Express. The arrows produced using a state of the art design, especially target at providing improve broadhead functionality and precision. This accomplishes by having rigid ends that contain the in-flight bend of the arrow (the dynamic spine). The dynamic spine is effectively controlled to the point that just 2 backbone sizes are needed to fulfill draw weights from 40 to 81 lbs. The shaft straightness is laser measured and sorted to a tolerance zone of only +/-0.0025 inches.

Other nice touches on these arrows are the LAUNCHPAD nocks, BullDog collars, and Blazer vanes. The nock collars make these arrows an intriguing option. You may place these arrows through some wear and tear and the collars protect the nock. The Maxima Red is a superior arrow, and customer testimonials demonstrate that people have been pleased to receive a quality, consistent weight arrow for hunting.

Easton Full Metal Jacket

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The Easton FMJ is a durable, small diameter arrow for seekers who enjoy a heavier arrow. They fly straight, and discard wind very well. Easton Full Metal Jacket arrows use a smaller diameter along with a thicker carbon fiber wall. The shaft is sheath with a metal permit, making the “metal coat”. The concept is that the metal reduces friction in flight, and easier to pull. You might hear arbitrary complaints of an arrow bending, but a great deal of those folks are shooting targets rather than using an arrow puller. The Full Metal Jacket is a good arrow that has a fantastic reputation.

Carbon Express Maxima Blu RZ

10 Best Carbon Arrows for Hunting (2018 Reviews)

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The Maxima Blu RZ is a milder hunting arrow created by Carbon Express. If you’re looking for the greatest possible speed as well as accuracy, the Blue RZ is a good option. The arrow shaft made with a proprietary cross-weave carbon substance name Diamond Weave. The carbon weave creates an exceptionally stiff arrow that’s equally terrific spine consistency. The remaining arrows are high in quality also. You receive an out of the box straightness tolerance of +/-0.0025 inches, and a weight tolerance of +/- 1 grain.

The arrows come rigged with Carbon Express exclusive Launchpad nocks with BullDog collars to protect direct effects to the endings. The Blu RZ can be pre-fletch with white and blue Blazer vanes. I really like the complete ad look of the Maxima Blue Streak arrows. The metallic blue looks great in addition to this BuffTuff finishing coating over the carbon fiber. In general, this is a premium-price hunting arrow with premium features and functionality.

Cabela’s Carbon Hunter

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On the lookout for the most effective cheap hunting arrows? The Cabela’s Carbon Hunter arrows should be one of the first you think about. The Carbon Hunters are also made for Cabela’s by Easton. This model is almost identical to the Beman Bowhunter arrows. The tolerance is a little .006 inches, but to tell the truth, most regular shooters aren’t likely to see the difference. Besides cost, you might prefer the more 4″ AAE vanes, and the five coating shafts have proven to be lasting.

Easton Aftermath

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The Aftermath arrows are relatively newer additions to the Easton lineup. They have a straightness tolerance of .005 inches, placing them in precisely the exact same class as the Cabela’s brand name arrows. These shafts are made the USA and have a slick finish for low friction and effortless removal. If you’re searching for a less expensive arrow with a good speed which also maintains high energy, the Easton Aftermath should make your hit list.

Gold Tip Hunter Pro

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When you step up to the Hunter PRO, you get arrows with extremely tight tolerances. The shafts are direct to an incredible .001 inch, and the weight just varies by 0.5 mph. With the tighter tolerances, you do pay a premium cost, but if you pride yourself on optimizing your shooting, these arrows may be exactly what you require. The shafts are on the other hand, but they’re excellent if you prefer to create arrows using more FOC.

Gold Tip Hunter XT

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The Hunter XT is one of the best selling hunting arrows created by Gold Tip. The XT’s are regarded as a tough and dependable bow hunt arrow and one which can withstand practice sessions in addition to deer hunting season. The Hunter XT 400 includes a burden grain of 8.2/inch, with a tolerance of +/-2 grain in every package of dozen arrows. Additionally, the XT’s are sorted and laser scrutinized to a shaft tolerance of +/-0.003″. These arrows are pre-fletched with two” Blazer vanes, then all you’ve got to do is cut down the bottoms to your shooting span and sandpaper at the inserts that come with the package.

Easton Bloodline

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The Bloodlines are really excellent hunting arrows, particularly if you prefer a lighter shaft (8.7 and 7.7 gpi). The tradeoff in weight is compose of in velocity, providing you with an excellent combination for bow hunt. The shafts have a nice tolerance of .004 inches, and the 0.5 grain weight tolerance is strong too. Like many Easton arrows, the shafts are made in the USA, and feature the popular HP inserts. I truly think these arrows seem fine, with the reddish H nocks and red/white Blazer vanes. The Bloodline arrows are among the finest mid-range choices for inexpensive carbon hunting arrows. You essentially get 12 arrows to the purchase price of 6 top arrows, without sacrificing all that much in performance.

Carbon Express Maxima Red vs Blue Streak

The Maxima Red and Blu RZ arrows both regard as some of the highest carbon arrows for hunt. When you look at the specs carefully, it is actually tough to find the differences. If you go by what Carbon Express states, the primary distinction is in the way the shafts construct. The Maxima Red has stiffer endings to supposedly control the dynamic spine better, while the Blue Streaks utilize a “Weight Forward” shaft design and are a lighter arrow in general. If you wish to shoot a quicker arrow, select the Maxima Blu RZ, and if you would like the small additional weight for hitting and penetrating power, go with the Maxima Reds.



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