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If you recently decided to get started with compound bow hunting, you probably are already overwhelmed and confused about the bow you would be using.The best compound bow for you would be something that gives you a comfort zone in your archery.  With bow manufacturers claiming to come out with the newest, latest, and greatest technology every year, it can get a little difficult to read between the lines of deciding which aspects to consider when selecting the right bow.

 Here are 6 reasons why would we recommend a hunting compound bow over the traditional one:

best hunting Compound Bow

Here are 6 reasons to use a compound bow rather than a traditional bow:

Definitely not a bow seen in the medieval times!

  1. The mechanics make it easier for the archer to draw an arrow. Less energy is required to pull the cable in to a fully drawn position.
  2. Weather conditions aren’t a concern since the bows are made of materials that aren’t affected by humid or cold weather.
  3. Availability and cost. As these high tech bows have taken over the market, traditional bows are becoming more expensive due to less demand and fewer manufacturers.
  4. They are often made of very light material such as carbon fiber and aluminum alloy.
  5. Its designed for better performance, speed, and accuracy.
  6. They can be broken down and transported easily.

As we are really concerned about the reader’s problems while selecting a bow, We’ve put together this guide to help you feel comfortable purchasing your new compound bow and make sure you get exactly the one you need.

First, take a quick look at our current most popular recommendations:

Best for Beginners 

Genesis Original

Best Seller 

Infinite Edge


Best for Women

Bear Archery Siren

Our Overall Reviews on Top 3 Best Compound Bow for hunting:

·       Genesis Original Bow-beginner’s choice;

Hand-picked by a well-respected “archery in schools program” to use for instruction, the Genesis is easy  to set up and shoot.

The more you search, the more you’ll find positive reviews for this beginner model. The combination of ease, flexibility, performance as well as its widespread use by training organizations makes this a top choice for anyone beginning archery.

The adjustable draw length feature makes this one suitable for female archers and children.You can avail this in the

 Infinite Edge Bow-versatile one;It may not a good choice for big game hunters, but the Genesis Original is inexpensive and great for anyone new to archery as well as women and kids.


The Infinite Edge hunting compound bow has a wide range of draw length options and adjustability. These features make it one of the most versatile bows for men, women and children (growing as they grow).

The versatility includes a draw length range of 13”- 30” and draw weight adjustment from 5 – 70 lbs.

Customers are quick to comment on features of this lightweight product – including the comfortable grip and the accuracy. It is a forgiving choice and recommended by both beginners and advanced users. This one is a best seller for a reason and one of our absolute favorites to recommend.

·       Bear Finesse-best for a real tree girl;


The wide range of draw length options and slightly longer axle-to-axle length contribute to a more stable feeling. The “Genesis Original Bow” is the product of years of research and tests to design a model that is specific to a woman’s needs.

The Genesis Original Bow is extremely quiet and comfortable to shoot with. This is why it is our choice of the best overall women’s option, and one of our favorites overall!

Reviews on Top Compound Bow Brands

To give you a heads up on the best compound bow brands, here is a list of popular brands that have been in business selling bows for years.

  • Parker Bows: Another company that is big on crossbows, fully making one of the best in the field, but it is also known for its compound bows.

ü Mathews: They use single a cam for their bows. They pride themselves on making bow technology that is less complicated yet still reliable and accurate.

6 Easy Steps to Buying the Best Value Compound Bow

best compound hunting bow

Which bow you choose, and what features it has will be determined by how you want to use it. Just like unicorns, the perfect, all-purpose product does not exist. You will always have to trade off one feature for another. There are several important factors to keep in mind and tasks to complete before you begin the search for your hunting tool.

 1. How do you plan to hunt?

Certain types are more suitable for various hunting styles. One will benefit you perched up high on a tree-stand, while another will have you missing every target.

2. What is Your Stature?

You will need to get a few measurements to ensure that a specific product will work for you. A crucial measurement to collect applies to choose the correct draw length.

Take a yardstick, or have someone else use a measuring tape to measure the distance from the base of your neck, to the end of the first knuckle on your ring finger. This is how far you will be physically able to draw it. If you are taller you may want one with a longer height. Those who are smaller in stature may perform better with a smaller one.

3. Length of Draw

This is where the draw length measurement is important. You do not want to get one that has too short or long of a draw length for you. The draw length is measure from the grip to the contact point on the string at full draw.

4. Optimal Brace Height

The brace height of it is measured from the resting string to the grip. A shorter distance between these two points allows an archer to send off arrows at higher speeds. This is because the shorter distance allows for more energy to be stored and released.

  1. Choosing Your Draw Weight

The draw weight is a determining factor in the speed, distance, and penetration of your arrows. You will see this measured in foot-pounds (ft-lbs.). The higher the weight, the larger the kill.

Even though you may want to hunt a specific type of game, you will need to ensure you can maintain your ability to draw it before you get on the hunt. As you pull back on the string, you will feel three shifts in the weight you are required to handle. This is known as the draw cycle.

A recent innovation has basically wiped out any difference between each type, which leaves this decision to be a question of aesthetics.

  • Single cam

 compound bows often have a longer string, which can be more expensive to replace. The longer string tends to stretch with a single cam compound option. However, they are simple to tune, and have no trade-offs when it comes to speed and aim.

  • Twin Cam

 bows are more difficult to tune, and archers need to be aware of their timing. You will have to tune yours each time the cams come out of sync. This is not an issue for many seasoned archers, though it may be too much effort for fresh bow hunters.

  • A bow with cam and a half design is essentially a cross between the two preceding styles. If it is out of sync, it will have less negative impact on its functionality.
  • Binary cam

bows design to solve the flaws that each of the previous designs displays. The cams connect to one another, ensuring that they function simultaneously. Even when the wheels are not synced, there is very little change in the level of the arrow when fully drawn.

Each of these designs does not differ much from the others, however, some will have a smoother, more even draw, while others pull less evenly.

6. Choosing the Length of Your Bow

You will find options offered in a wide variety of lengths. Choosing the length of yours depends on several factors including: personal stature, draw length, experience, hunting style, and personal preference.

  • Short compound bows are commonly around or under 32” in height.

These are lighter and easier to carry through the forest to stalk game. They are also good for use from a perch because the shorter ones are more maneuverable. People who are shorter in stature will have an easier time using a short compound option.

  • Long compound bows are easier to steady, because of their weight.

The weight of it forces the archer to be conscious about their stance. Tall archers should use longer ones, as they will not utilize their full draw potential with a short one. This often causes mistakes in technique.


  • “Good quality hunting compound bow, has a lot of power for small size.
    Knots came loose and unraveled shortly after use, but was a simple fix”(that’s about compound bow package M1)
  • “Good quality bow, has a lot of power for small size.
    Knots came loose and unraveled shortly after use, but was a simple fix”(regarding compound bow package M1)
  • “A very light bow. Compact and easy to carry around. The vibrations are extremely minimal and available at the right price.”(this review is about to bear finesse)
  • “It wasn’t a good experience using this because I found it quite defective I will not recommend this.”(review regarding infinite edge bow)
  • “The infinite edge hunting compound bow that I order for me was not good enough to meet my archery need”


We will recommend the above-discussed products to enjoy the sport up to full extent in the upcoming season. The products are unique and well-equipped for your hunting. There are those too available that may be really specific for the beginners or maybe specialize for ladies, all of them are design wholly after considering your comfort zone so, the readers it’s a high time to get one of your lovable compound bows and make preparations of a great feast!






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