Browning Strike Force HD Pro Review


The newest Strike Force HD Guru camera in Browning packs an excellent guarantee and reveals the continuing increase of the Strike Force collection. It’s the third installment from the Strike Force show and also the next launch this year. The prior Attack Force HD Elite (2016) and the Strike Force HD 850 which arrived in early 2017 every with strong reviews.

The camera is packed with many fantastic attributes, enhancing on its parent’s version. The HD Pro could be a fantastic selection for shooting daylight pictures, and notably daytime videos in high definition. All this goodness comes in a mid-century, yet inexpensive price that’s greater than fair considering its own specs.

Tech Specs

  • Picture Sizes: 18 Megapixels, and 4MP-8MP-12MP,
  • Video: 1280×720 resolution with sound, 5 to 120 minutes daylight, 20 minutes nighttime
  • Detection Range: 100 ft
  • Flash Range: 60 ft, grainy at 50+ ft, 850nm LEDs
  • Trigger Speed: 0.3 sec
  • Retrieval Speed: 1.2 sec
  • Cells: 6 AA
  • Performance: Compatible around 512MB SDXC cards
  • Physical Size: 4″ Tall x 3.25″ Broad x 2.25″ Deep
  • LCD: 1.5″ colour LCD, with 5 lineup menu

Camera Design

The Strike Force Guru has a comfortable compact case design. The orange and brown camo with stripes and foliage patterns isn’t hard to hide. Browning also contained a flexible metal bracket on this version which may be employed to correct the camera upward to 30 degrees up and down. The latch on the door is apparently redesigned this season. It is smaller, but nevertheless firmly cover the bottom area of the camera.

Opening the door, you will come across the on-off slider button, four-way directional keypad, style essential, and a color LCD viewing screen. You may view 5 lines of menu at one moment, and see images. The keypad makes for simple navigation and so are backlit at nighttime. The menu is simple to navigate, and also the information strip includes a great deal of helpful info like the temperature and moon phase. There’s a handy SD card management alternative which permits the camera to automatically overwrite the earliest content from the SD card if it becomes full or you neglect to erase its contents prior to beginning.

Browning has included a wonderful metal mounting bracket for this camera. It pivots to a knuckle on the back of the home, and the side clings to the tree. It is going to only head out or tilt down, but it’s a convenient add-on and pleasant touch to get a camera of this price.

Detection and Trigger

The cause rate with this camera (0.3 seconds) is outstanding and reveals a fantastic improvement on its previous version. The Strike Force Pro also includes a fantastic video cause time (<0.5 minutes ) and retrieval period. The image recovery period can also be exceptional, though some evaluations demonstrate that the camera includes a glitch on each 8th trigger that makes it capture a lot slower time.

The discovery range goes out to 100 ft, but is thinner than the area of view. The consequence of a design in this way, which can be imaginative, is a lesser likelihood of false causes.

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Picture and Video Quality

The Strike Force Pro has an superb colour depth that’s a huge improvement from the preceding Attack Force 10 MP camera. During daytime, the camera handles to create consistently high-quality pictures even in varying requirements. But because the 18MP camera is interpolated, you’re very likely to find a few pixeling when shooting pictures at the highest resolution. This little issue doesn’t undercut the cameras freshness in colour depth and clarity of pictures despite fast moving wildlife.

The night pictures also reveal exceptional quality using the elongated flash assortment of 60 feet letting you capture pictures on a wide radius. Browning comprised new IR emitters with this camera, and they’re proving to be a substantial increase to its night flash range. The Strike Force Pro may also accommodate to up-close shots at the night so the image has clarity rather than the white outside usually experienced on other cameras.

The movies show progress in quality and colour depth. The 1296 by 720 resolution movies with sound provide adequate clarity for routine usage. Though this resolution can’t be regarded as top notch dependent on the current criteria, it’s still superior quality for a match camera as it also preserves battery life. At nighttime, the camera includes a constant flash range that generates top tier videos.

The camera has a unique Timelapse Plus attribute which allows you capture time lapse pictures at predetermined periods. The time-lapse mode doesn’t interfere with the discovery shooting because the camera will still catch the movement detected images. Browning also supplies unique applications for viewing and assessing the time-lapse images known as the Buck Watch Timelapse Viewer. The camera also has a Smart IR video sensor which enables it to keep on gearing around a maximum of five minutes during daytime provided that it continues to detect movement in its field of view.

Battery life

The battery life to the Strike Force Pro is really exceptional, with a few testimonials even terming it as the very best on the marketplace. Based on TrailCamPro the image capacity consumption is a bit more than 2 g during daylight and 3 drops during night. Video draws a bit over 12.5 watts during the daytime along with also a hefty 36 watts at nighttime.

On an average usage of about 70 photos spread evenly between night and day, the batteries could last nearly a year. Lithium batteries are the most appropriate for attaining this long life but you may also use rechargeable batteries or utilize an external 12V D.C. electricity resource.


  • Capable of very good picture and movie quality.
  • Inner LCD viewing screen.
  • Outstanding battery life that’s arguably the very best on the marketplace.
  • Quick video detection and image trigger rate.
  • Includes a great metal mounting bracket.
  • Only recordings nighttime videos into a max of 20 minutes.
  • Glitch about the image retrieval period, inducing recovery delay every 8th sequence.
  • No USB port.

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