Hunting Bow Vs Crossbow


Hunting and crossbow are considered for different purposes. With so many states now allowing or considering the use of crossbows during archery season. The big debate is whether a crossbow offers significant hunting advantages over a standard compound bow.

Hunting bows are the conventional bows  that  offers the specific hunting benefits. Crossbows and compound bows are very useful tool for hunting. But there are a number of issues to deal with when using both. We will address both the negative and positive of each to give you information so you can make an educated decision when making your purchase.

Usually, people don’t have the knowledge about hunting and crossbows along with their benefits. This is the reason why it’s not easy to get the correct and accurate answers of the troubling querries .We assure you that most of the questions regarding the topic will be resolved here.

  • Which bow is the faster a compound bow or a crossbow and how can we determine the speed?

A 70 # compound bow is faster and has more energy than 150# crossbow.

Speed is largely determined by the power stroke and draw weight.

  Power stroke is the distance the bow string travels from full draw to the rest position. A compound bow with a 30 inch draw length and a 7 inch brace height(the distance from grip to the string at rest) has a 23 in power stroke (30-7=23).

The longer the power stroke the faster the arrow will fly at the same poundage. A person with a 30 inch draw will shoot faster than a person with 28 inch draw because of the 2 inch longer power stroke. Like the compound bow the longer the power stroke the faster the crossbow. Unlike the compound bow which only needs a module change to make the draw length longer, the crossbow has to be made longer increasing the overall length, making the bow heavier.

  • Which bow has the more draw weight when comparing the two i.e. typical hunting compound bow or a cross bow?

The draw weight is the maximum amount of force it takes to draw a bow.  Crossbows have a much higher draw weight (150# is average) to generate the speed and energy due to the much shorter power stroke (14” is average) of a crossbow.

  • Why does a typical hunting compound bow seems to be slightly noisier than the crossbow?

 While  crossbows are getting faster there are several problems created because of the higher poundage. The extra energy creates more vibration which   adds unwanted noise, and more noise is the last thing that a hunter needs.


  • Why do we usually have problem when we draw a crossbow?

  The high poundage of a Crossbow can make it troublesome to draw. It takes lots of muscle power to draw the high poundage or the alternative is to use a cumbersome crank. That takes up to 30 seconds to draw and lock the bow between shots and is very inconvenient. They are also tough on the strings, cables, and other components requiring them to be replaced or repaired often.  These are problems that you don’t typically have with a compound bow. They are quieter and the strings, cables and components will usually last for thousands of shots before needing to be replaced or repaired. But drawing the bow can still be an issue for weaker or injured persons.

  • Which bow is preferred more when we deal with hunting?


Compound bows are longer axle-axle than crossbows, but are not as cumbersome to carry through the woods. Most crossbows are around 24 inches axle-axle but are 34 inches or more in length making them heavier and harder to deal with in hunting situations.

Why a compound bow renders more accuracy than a cross bow?


The compound bow is more accurate due to the fact of a consistent anchor point. String loops have become a must for extreme accuracy. The arrow sits between the string loop knots and the release is held on the string loop in the same place every time making it very accurate. The crossbow has to be drawn and lock into a latch where the consistent string position can be compromise, allowing for the arrow to hit the left or to the right of the target. This is why Competitive Compound Bow Shooters score higher than Cross Bow Shooters in the same tournament.

  • Can we you a combination of a hunting compound bow and a cross bow?

By installing a Draw-Loc on a Compound Bow you combine the best of both Bows and it will be great fun using a bow that way.

  • Which one of them is more expensive a hunting compound bow or a crossbow?

Compound bows are usually more equipped hence has a higher cost as compared to cross bow.

  • How can we use cross bow generally when considering the horizontal placement?


The crossbow is also an ancient instrument, a play on the bow by placing it horizontally on a stock such that the user fires the weapon from the shoulder, much like a modern rifle.

  • Why the hunters are now taking a deep interest in a crossbow?

Crossbow hunting is growing exponentially amongst gun hunters for several reasons. The first being that little to no practice is to require, as crossbows fit the gun profile in several ways. The crossbow is held much like a rifle. Today, almost every crossbow has a scope, like a rifle, and every crossbow has a trigger mechanism, like a rifle. Shooting a crossbow is extremely familiar to the gun hunter as one simply puts the target in the crosshairs, releases the safety, and pulls the trigger. The difference, of course, is the projectile is an arrow not a bullet. Crossbows also have almost no recoil when fired, where a rifle does.

Another difference is crossbows are far quieter than a gunshot. Should the hunter miss their target while shooting the crossbow? There’s a reasonable chance that the other game in the area did not hear the shot.

Hunting with a crossbow in archery season or muzzleloader season also has several advantages for the hunter. The weather is warmer and more comfortable for sitting long hours. As opposed to the colder and harsher climate present in most gun seasons. The ability to harvest a trophy animal is also better. Not only are deer still in their natural patterns, but crossbow hunters are competing only with bow hunters, making it an even playing field and opportunity for the same animal.


After you have gone through this article many of your questions must have resolve regarding the comparison between a typical hunting compound and crossbow.

The debate between compound bow users and crossbow enthusiasts is likely to continue for quite some time. Although the compound bow appears to possess a few distinct advantages over the crossbow. It seems clear that technological advances will probably produce methods of quieting the crossbow and making it lighter and easier to use. Both rate well for lethality, and the skill of the hunter is perhaps the greatest determining factor. When it comes to deciding which is the superior weapon.



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