Moultrie M-40i Trail Camera Review


Moultrie M-40i Review

Moultrie M-40i

  • Detection & Trigger – 8.3/10
  • Picture & Video – 8.5/10
  • Battery Life – 8.7/10


The Moultrie game course cameras have experienced a remarkable redesign for 2017. Included in this new show, the Moultrie M-40i is top of the line and doesn’t disappoint. From rapid detection, to exceptional picture quality, as well as 9 weeks of battery life, the M-40i is a high trail camera alternative. Its video battery life is below average, but plays admirably in different facets.

The slimmed down M-40i has an appealing walnut camo case. It bears on a good 16MP image detector, quite fast trigger rate of 0.3 seconds, and provides 1080p HD video with sound. This sport camera gets the specs which seekers are requesting, and also our M-40i review includes all of the particulars.

Tech Specs

  • Picture Sizes: 16 MP, using a 16:9 aspect ratio to get a bigger field of view
  • Video: 1080p movie with audio, 5 to 90 seconds
  • Detection Range: 80 ft
  • Flash Range: 80 ft, 32 LEDs
  • Trigger Speed: 0.3 moments
  • Retrieval Speed: 2.7 moments
  • Batteries: 8 AA batteries
  • Physical Size: 3.25″ Broad, 5.0″ Tall, 3.0″ Deep

Camera Design — New Case for 2017

The Moultrie M40i is a well-designed and engineered match camera. The new case design is a lot more compact than its Gen2 predecessors. It delivers a fantastic alternative for seekers searching for smaller yet potent trail cameras. A palm-sized game camera with great camouflaging is a lot easier to carry, easier to mount on trees, even harder to spot with a trespasser.

The latch to open and shut the camera comes with an unusual mechanics, but it is still simple to operate. The battery tray ejects in the base of the camera and it’s easy to load and load the batteries.

For installation, users that are knowledgeable about the programming works on older versions might need to re install the M-40i’s brand new menu with the assistance of the operator’s manual. The menus on those new Moultrie cams aren’t their strong suit.

Detection & Trigger

Picture detection and restoration with the M-40i seems to be outstanding. It captures the very first image at a 0.3 seconds, and recovers at a comparatively fast 2.7 minutes to catch another shot. This high trigger and retrieval rate ensures you never miss a photo of any game until it scrambles from sight.

The M-40i comes with a detection assortment of 80ft; and using its top-of-the-range Invisible Infrared Flash technology, the camera may comfortably illuminate and picture animals in this range in complete darkness. The M-40i’s detection breadth also closely matches its field of view, which is really a superb detection range.

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Picture & Video Quality

Daytime Photos— The daylight pictures recorded with all the M-40i course camera are quite striking. The images have good clarity and exhibit realistic colours in addition to great depth of texture. The camera stops movement well throughout the daytime also.

Together with the camera 16MP image detector and a 16:9 wide image format, you also receive a very nice wide field of view. This is really apparent once you have two cameras aimed in precisely the exact same spot.

Nighttime Photos— Likewise, night photographs captured with all the M-40i seem to be great. It’s an superb flash range and can quite well concerning contrast. Whether taken from dense forests or open areas, the nighttime photographs look very gratifying.

There are instances where blurring happens, especially on running critters, but that may be controlled with the”Motion Freeze” setting to accelerate the camera speed and thus freeze quickly moving items for clear shots. You could also get some whiteout on nearby objects at night probably since the camera has such a fantastic close range focus and an Infrared Flash.

Video — Video quality together with the M-40i is quite excellent. It imitates the image quality, both throughout the night and day. The camera is able to high resolution videos of around 1920×080 pixels. The nighttime videos also have excellent contrast comparison, and it is a huge win for nighttime performance.

Battery Life

The M-40i course camera operates on 8 AA batteries together with the capacity of shooting close to 19,000 pictures on a 32GB card. The battery efficacy of the camera highly depends upon if you use it to shooting video or pictures. In film mode, the camera utilizes comparatively low power in comparison to the movie style, which uses considerable quantities of electricity per video clip.

In accordance with TrailCamPro, when the camera shot 70 pictures over every 24-hour period, it’d last 9 weeks in the area on a pair of 8 AA Lithium batteries. This sets it one of the most effective cameras in film style. But if it were to shoot 30 10-second movies in each 24 hours, then it might struggle to run past a month and a half similar batteries, which makes it among the more ineffective video monitor cameras.


  • The M-40i’s biggest advantage is its high image and movie quality.
  • Its capacity to capture images fast with a 0.3-second trigger rate.
  • As much as 9-month battery lifetime in picture style.
  • Small concealable situation dimension, with walnut camo finish.
  • The largest drawback with the camera is its battery life when in movie mode (approximately 2 months only).
  • Slowish activate pace when in movie mode.

Review Overview

Generally, the M-40i is a fantastic addition to any hunter’s lineup of scouting tools. Despite its own shortfall in regards to battery life on movie mode, the camera also provides great features in different regions. From rapid detection and quality images both during the night and during the daytime, to no shine, reliability, instance design, wireless modem grip, and also a very long picture battery lifetime, the M-40i course camera is a leading recommendation.

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